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Iftar - Dried Fruits
Iftar - Dried Fruits
Iftar - Beverage
Iftar - Beverage
Iftar - Soup
Iftar - Soup
Iftar - Main Meal
Iftar - Main Meal
Iftar - Side dish
Iftar - Side Dish
Iftar - Snack
Iftar - Snack
Suhour - Fruits
Suhoor - Fruits
Suhour - Beverage
Suhoor - Beverage
Suhour - Main Meal
Suhoor - Main Meal
What’s the "Ramadan" meal plan?
With the Ramadan meal plan, you get to choose if your package includes Iftar or Suhoor alone or Iftar and Suhoor together.
Our Iftar meal helps you break your fast easier by feeling full without overeating. With the variety of soups and salads, you’ll remain hydrated and boost your fiber intake. The plan contains multiple sources of animal and plant based proteins with the right amount of healthy carbs to keep you energized and productive.
The Suhoor provides the perfect sustenance in the early hours of the morning, so you do not feel drained throughout the day. It has multiple savory and sweet options for a more personalized experience.
Why the ‘Ramadan’ meal plan?
During the Holy Month of Ramadan, our eating patterns are altered which can cause significant modification in sugar levels and calorie intake.
This meal plan is made for those who are fasting during Ramadan to make sure they get the sufficient nutrition that will help keep their energy and blood sugar levels at healthy levels throughout the next day.
It is curated to help you eat healthily in Ramadan and have your required amount of calories and nutrients to have a healthy and nutritious fast. The macro-counted meals are prepared fresh and delivered daily at your own convenience.
Terms and conditions
Your Ramadan plan has to be consumed within the holly Month of Ramadan, no days to be carried over post Ramadan
Switch from another plan
If you are on an existing meal plan but you wish to switch to a Ramadan plan, your remaining days' credits can be transferred to your new plan. Reach out to us for more info.
Fun Facts
- Fasting helps detoxify the body and can release endorphins to improve mental health.
- During Ramadan, your metabolism becomes more efficient due to an increase in the hormone, adiponectin, that allows the muscles to absorb more nutrients.
- Dates contain the perfect amount of carbohydrates to provide the much needed boost of energy and fibers to help you with digestion.