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Rawan Nucho
Head Clinical Dietitian
What others are saying
I started off by ordering Right Bite every day so that I can have a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing some of the good food I like, this eventually turned into 4 month subscription to the Right Bite weight loss plan without which I wouldn’t have been able to lose weight, lead a healthier lifestyle and have good home cooked meals from the wide variety of options they have! Their customer care and nutritionist appointments have also been impeccable!
Randa Talhouk
What others are saying
The food and service was excellent. I had Chicken avocado salad and stir fried chicken with rice noodle. Everything we ordered was fresh and delicious. Highly recommend!
Cassiedad Banaag
What others are saying
Right Bite offers a perfect balance with their healthy food, excellent service and variety. No other plan can come close. I have used Right Bite for more than a year and they helped me with my overall wellbeing. Thank you.
Ziad Nassif
What others are saying
Varieties of food options that meet everyone’s expectations whether you are a veggie or not. And so nutritious, healthy and tasty. Every meal has its own nutrition facts label. I love Right Bite
Mira Abu Lteif
What others are saying
Fantastic, I have used Right Bite multiple times in the past and it has just been great. Great variety of dishes, great taste and I get my macros on point to assist my fitness goals. Highly recommend!
Saveena David